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Vega IT opens its doors to all the people from the IT world as well as to those who aspire to become a part of it one day.

We want to offer you the Vega IT tour experience, a 30-minute glimpse into our company’s culture. Worry not, we won’t burden you with business related specifics. Instead, we’ll give you an insight into our everyday work life. Sure, we’ll make sure the tour lives up to your expectations. We're looking forward to your feedback!

All of you young minds who are about to decide what college path you will take, we’d like you to know that Vega IT doors are always open for you. Whether you are in elementary school or high school, you are probably already thinking about your future.

There are so many questions, but no one to answer them for you, right? Well, that’s why we at Vega IT organise this adventure for you. We want to share our experiences with you, let you see, and get to feel our community. You will have the opportunity to experience the unique IT company culture. Vega IT would like to answer your questions, engage you, stimulate your mind, motivate you to think about your future. We want to help you make the right choice.

We wish to show you that life after college is full of opportunities. You just need to come and grab them, when you are ready. 

Teachers, Professors or School Directors

Attention educators, would like to motivate your students? Vega IT wants to help you be the agents of the future. We wish to aid you in contributing to the knowledge and experiences of young minds. We are opening our doors to you and your students. Together, combining your skills and our expertise, your students will feel motivated and engaged. Book a tour at Vega IT for your class, and let us help instill in them a passion that will last for a lifetime. Let us help you educate future generations, by giving them a push in the right direction.

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Students or Future IT Professionals

You are an IT colleague wondering what else is out there; an IT student excited and uncertain about life after college; an IT enthusiast aspiring to someday make your passion into a profession. We have good news for you. Vega IT has decided to open its doors and let you tour our offices. During a 30-minute visit we want you to feel the energy of our company, we wish you to take a look at our company’s culture. We want you to see what the IT industry has given to us, and what in return we are giving back to the world. And what, potentially, we can offer to all of you. Share in our happiness. Don’t be shy. Book a tour and take the slide.

Book your tour

Book a tour and try the slide

We have only one condition here. You need to know someone, who knows someone who works in our company. :-)

Why? Well, come and find out! :-) In case you don’t know anybody from our company, write us WHY would you like to visit our offices!

When can you visit our offices and how to book a tour?

We are open every day between 9am until 5pm. We will let you know when we have the first open spot. To book a tour, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Inspiring young minds

We were pleased to welcome students of master’s studies from the Faculty of Technical Sciences, Innovation Managers, at our office and show them how it looks like to work in a flat organization with very clear goals and values.

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“Knowledge has no value unless you share it”

Yesterday, it was our pleasure to welcome students from ’Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj’ high school from Novi Sad at our office in Novi Sad. The idea was to give them an introduction about the IT world and help them decide about the next step in their lives.

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