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Who can apply:

A person with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in economy with 3+ years of experience.

Main responsibilities:

  • Booking of all business changes (purchase invoice of all expenses, dinar and foreign exchange statements of account, foreign earnings service, tax, procurement and record of inventory, sales invoice)
  • Keeping records of capital assets (keeping record of procurement, activation, depreciation, sales)
  • Monthly balance report of VAT
  • Creating cash journal and keeping records of the account through bookkeeping
  • Payroll, paid leave benefits, and compensation of other income
  • Calculation of withholding tax and other types of tax
  • Reconciliation of account payable and account receivable
  • Participating in the preparation of annual financial reports and preparation of tax return for corporate tax
  • Keeping track and implementation of valid law regulations in the field of accounting and tax regulations
  • Preparation of information and creating of monthly and quarterly financial and statistical reports in accordance with valid regulations
  • Employee registration for compulsory social insurance
  • Completing other assignments when needed

Key skills and experience:

  • Three years of experience in the same or similar jobs
  • University education in the field of economics
  • Good knowledge of English language
  • Experience working in Excel
  • Analytical and precise, detail-oriented and able to complete tasks on time

Core competency requirements:

  • Great analytical skills 
  • Enthusiastic, a highly motivated and highly proactive person 
  • A tendency to think and solve problems methodically and logically 
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

What's in it for you?

Our vision and mission are:

Our dream is to make a happy and a successful business that would allow us to use its success and power to shape a better world.

If you believe in what we believe in and you feel eager to learn, work and further develop yourself, apply for this job by sending us your CV in English at and join the Vega IT team.

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