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What does our organizational culture mean for our colleagues?

8. What does our organizational culture mean for some of our colleagues?

Maja Bozic

"Surround yourself with people who:

- push you,

- challenge you,

- make you laugh,

- make you better,

- make you happy." #LifeAtVegaIT

I love this job and all the colleagues and associates around me. Before I came to work at Vega IT I could not even imagine that I would meet a few persons in this company who would become my true friends. I am very proud to be a part of the Vega IT team and to be given the opportunity to grow comprehensively, both at business and personal level. Vega IT's company culture has become a part of my everyday life and I will carry it with me wherever I go and whatever I do.

Sladjana Miljanovic

As one of the first employees at Vega IT, I feel free to say that I have grown up together with it.

Although this should be just a workplace, I observe my work at Vega IT as something greater than that. The opportunity to participate in decision making and to give proposals makes me feel like Vega IT is partly mine. This is largely contributed by the "flat" structure of the company. When you share office space or kitchen with your bosses, you feel the equality and create a more intimate atmosphere that positively affects productivity.

When I came to Vega IT nearly seven years ago, I could not even imagine that I will find myself in an environment that would allow me to improve myself on a daily basis. In addition to improvements at the business skill, but also on personal level, we take part in improving our operations through proposals that are considered and accepted.

I share my workspace with colleagues who are just like me - enthusiastic and eager for new challenges, which makes me enjoy my job and like front-end even more.

I feel fulfilled when I look around and see colleagues who started to hang out outside of work as well. I was lucky to have my best friend join the team I work in, but over the years I have also met new people who eventually became my true friends.

There are days when the level of enthusiasm drops, but the moment I see the happy faces of my colleagues and feel their positive energy, I feel relieved because I know that we are facing another successful and productive day.

I see each new project as a challenge. Even when something seems hard and impossible to do at first glance, I feel safe because I have a team behind me who "watches my back" and I know that there is no obstacle that we cannot overcome together.

Ognjen Stanic

Organizational culture is a set of ethical, social and behavioral norms of an organization, which are based on the beliefs, attitudes and priorities of its members.

This textbook definition is both abstract and comprehensive, but it is quite clear, so the reader learning about the concept of organizational culture for the first time, is able to identify its basic meaning.

The following description will hopefully confirm its accuracy. When I first entered the premises of the Vega IT Sourcing company I was impressed by beautiful and functional interior, bright colors and consistently implemented style that had a business, but warm appearance. This gave the impression of a pleasant place where the adopted vision is fundamentally implemented and is immediately evident on physical artifacts. It made me think that people must be pleasant, business-oriented and good spirited in such an environment. I am glad that this feeling has not faded.

Vega - these are interesting, talented and industrious people, and even more than that. All of the employees are just like that. What I notice about them and what I keep trying to contribute to is emotional intelligence. In addition to problem solving skills, or carrying out entire projects we receive from our clients, high EQ is one of the important features of this young and successful company. Mutual respect, understanding and companionship make the everyday atmosphere at work pleasant and business-oriented. In order to rest from work for a moment, we sometimes interrupt it by spontaneous and constructive ten-minute dialogues about technical or other unusual vital topics.

Then all those who are present at the office participate in discussions and nobody is ostracized. Brilliant thinking, absence of vanity, wit and ingenuity of all colleagues suppress the inevitable stress and allow us to confidently perform our new tasks. The time we spend at work, in trainings, classes of English and German language, in the theater or cinema, on team building trips, creates an even stronger bond among us. Every day, we build mutual trust and improve our relationships in order to create a pleasant working environment by making an effort which we do not need to rest from.

Vuk Raković

I think I can freely say that the organisational culture of the company Vega IT itself is one of the main factors that drew me to the company and made me want to start building my career here.

On one of the conferences where Vega IT had the chance to present itself and its culture, I was particularly attracted by Vega IT stand.

Wishing to find out more about Vega IT, I spent some time with my current colleagues that represented the company at the time at the stand. I became even more interested when I realised how distinguishable Vega IT was when compared to other companies who also had the chance to present their company cultures. After some time, I felt like I was already a part of the team. I felt I belonged there.

Fascinated with the first, and later second conference organised by Vega IT itself,  Geekstone Conference, where I, as a volunteer had the chance to find out more about the company and the people who are part of its incredible team, I definitely decided to join them.  

Later, I realised that none of it was a coincidence and that there is a an organisational culture and people who are in tune with its principles and who nurture positive relations. People who improve it and who are its heart and soul.  When I began working in Vega IT, I found out there is a book which describes the organisation in detail. While I was reading it, I realised I made the right choice. Vega IT is led by valuable principles that make employees more satisfied and their work more pleasant which, at the same time, guarantees the company's success. The company uses this success selflessly in order to do something useful for the community and help individuals on their road to success.

Organisational culture of Vega IT doesn't finish on the pages of company culture book. Through work in various teams and surrounded by different people in my career in the company so far, I realised that all the teams have something in common - a positive atmosphere in the team, good-natured and cheerful colleagues always ready to take some of their time to help other colleagues. I would also like to point out how caring and thoughtful our colleagues are which can be seen in a variety of situations both inside and outside of the company. To thank them for their thoughtfulness publicly, each month the company nominates them for “The most inspiring act of of kindness” for some good deed or something nice they have done to other colleagues or community in general. I had a chance to listen to other people praising the company many times - from bus drivers who drove our colleagues to some random individuals who have cooperated with Vega IT in some way or have just spent some time with the people in our company.

“Is it the Vega IT? Yes, I have heard about Hackathon...about Geekstone Conference...happiness at have an awesome slide...your working space is T-shirts...where are you travelling to now?”

All the above mentioned, and much more, makes me proud to be a part of this amazing company.

Ognjen-Vid Kelečević

The most frequent question which I heard when someone mentions Vega IT is “ Are they the ones who have the slide?” I must admit that was exactly the thing I associated Vega IT with before coming to work in this company.

However, it quickly becomes very clear that the slide is only the reflection of creative and ambitious people willing to make such a trivial thing as going downstairs much more exciting and fun.

As someone who has been doing sport actively for more than 10 years and was a part of a team and strong team spirit, upon my arrival to Vega IT I was first fascinated by the fact that the people who work here have a strong will to do daily activities and achieve outstanding results as a team. Since I consider programming to be a game with endless number of levels, I instantly realised that I became a part of the team that likes this game.

As a guest I thought "this is how it should be done". I had a lot of things to talk about with these people and finally had a wish to start working in Vega IT.

As a candidate, I felt that I wanted to work here and that it would be worth the effort. As an employee, I am proud to be able to say and show what team I am part of.

The organisational culture of Vega IT is simple, and what it includes is only desirable. But, if you read and think about it carefully, you will realise that this desirable behavior is beneficial for all of us who are part of Vega IT.

The symbiosis of all the mentioned above is "workplace with no Monday blues".

Thank you!

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