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We are looking for a PHP Developer to join our team

By: Maja Bozic

About you:

- You have formal education in IT. We will give advantage to candidates with bachelor or master degree in IT from Faculty of Technical Sciences or from Faculty of Science, Novi Sad.

- You care about software.

- You have a passion for what you do which you can clearly convey by your actions rather than just waffly personal statement on your CV.

- For you Software development is more than a job. You want to create a better world with it!

- You possess the passion for technology and a desire to have exposure to it and learn more about other industries.

- You believe in a lifelong learning. 

If you checked almost all of the above, please continue reading.

What you need to know:

- Excellent knowledge of PHP programming language; preferably more than 3 years of professional experience;

- Advanced programming skills and a very strong understanding of OOP concepts;

- Strong experience working with relational databases as well as hands on experience with SQL and database schema design;

- Knowledge of PHP web frameworks is a big plus (Laravel, Symfony, Zend);

- Experience with Drupal CMS is a plus;

- Experience in code optimization and refactoring;

- Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git;

- English language, writing and speaking;

- Open-mindedness and soft skills are a big plus. 

Our teams are cross-functional, self-organizing and highly autonomous. You will be working in a highly collaborative manner. This approach requires a huge amount of teamwork and maturity and is not right for everyone, but we believe it is a great way to create software.

What else is in it for you? 

- Work with an amazingly talented bunch of people in a transparent and flat organization,

- Public Code Reviews

- Personal Development Plan,

- MVP Programme,

Happy Hour discussions and knowledge sharing,

- We will include your family in the company's social activities, 

In-house lectures, paid trainings and trips to conferences,

- Expansion of your knowledge at Geekstone meetups, workshops and conferences,

- Internal competitions and challenges, 

- Everyday fresh seasonal fruits and refreshment,


- Paid CrossFit or gym trainings,

Employee of the month award, 

- Paid foreign language (English or German) course,

State of the art equipment multiple screens, machines with SSDs, fast processors, lot's of RAM memory etc.

Team building gatherings, traveling and parties,

- The opportunity to participate in various charity activities,

- Private health insurance.


Our dream is to make a happy and a successful business that would allow us to use its success and power to shape a better world.

We are not perfect and not afraid to say so. We recognize we have problems which need solving and a long way to go on our journey of continuous improvement.

Happiness at work doesn't just happen. It takes a focused, long-term effort from people from all roles in the company. We are well aware of that and we are looking forward to pushing that even further with you.

If you believe in what we believe in and you feel eager to learn, work, further develop yourself and grow together with us, apply for this job by sending your CV in English electronically at jobs@vegait.rs and join the Vega IT team.

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Maja Bozic

Chief Marketing Officer

Maja's nonstandard approach to marketing has developed over the last half decade. She can hear the heart beat of the Internet.

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