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Are you looking for a software development team that is specialised in developing custom iOS solutions? Look no further, Vega IT offers a wide range of custom iOS development services.


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As one of the largest industries in the world, with over 1.3 billion active Apple Device Users, Apple is an extremely valuable market. Estimates are worth over $900 billion, and are acclaimed from other companies by a unique operating system. The rapid development of Apple products has triggered increased demand for iOS app developers and iOS development companies. As the market of over 85+ million users of iPhone and iPad devices gives a vision of a profit earning that can be more than current revenue for companies.

iOS app developers use Swift and Objective-C programming languages to create applications that run iPhone and iPad. In addition to applications used for public use, there is the ability to design private applications within a particular group or individual.

Vega IT provides complete services in the development process, from idea to distribution, and insists on the transparency and connectivity of manufacturers and customers to make the result satisfactory. Everything must work under Apple's license and respect the procedure. Our team of developers work according to the needs of clients in order to provide full support. It is insisted that full support is provided exclusively to general practitioners approved to ensure that all requirements were finished without any risks or problems.

Vega IT has 10 iOS developer enthusiasts who are striving to move the application development boundaries and transfer their knowledge and experience to each created application. In constant interaction with the kits, applications are raised at a higher technological level.

Why to hire Vega IT team for custom iPhone app development?

First of all, long-term clients are provided with the best available tools and custom solutions that best suit their needs. The focus is on the development of information solutions that best responds to specific problems. Considering that the key elements of the solution are often repeated, their meeting is being implemented as part of the service provided to clients. Comprehensive projects, in addition to helping clients solve specific problems, make it easier to scale their business.

How much iPhone app development cost?

Costs will depend on the complexity of the application, but also on whether it will be created with back-end support. The development of an iPhone app could implies additional updating, maintenance, and other costs.

But the fact is that the money invested in the iOS application is returning and the expert's recommendation is that it is more important to set the goal that is to be achieved than the financial cost itself. The market is growing, appetites are rising and the job with the iOS app development gets another dimension. Opportunities are great, they just need to be used.

Leave it to us to handle your iOS application development and benefit from the business advantages we can bring to your project.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime.

Technologies we mostly use

Java for Android
React Native
Phone Gap

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