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Vega IT Alumni (network)

The reality is, great people do leave their jobs for a variety of reasons, they want to start businesses on their own, they want to become freelancers, they find a better paid job or something else. The fact that they left doesn’t mean that they had bad intentions or bad experiences and that they left because of that. In most cases, those people continue to be our friends. We continue to spend time together and try to help each other every time we can.

What it means to support our Alumni colleagues

In 2012, Vega IT's creative front-end development team, spearheaded by Slađana Miljanović and Danilo Novaković, launched DaFED, a small gathering of front-end developers from just a few companies. Just a few months after the first meetup, Danilo co-founded DaFED, a nonprofit organization designed for associating and networking of professional designers and front-end developers, with Stanislava Stojanović Novoselac, and Vega IT has been the platinum sponsor from the beginning. Since then, DaFED has evolved from a simple educational meetup to a fully realized monthly community conference, accommodating more than 150 people.

Why the Alumni network?

The Alumni network is about lifelong relationships. The belief that keeping in touch is the right thing to do. It’s about mutual trust, mutual investment, and mutual benefit in an era where lifetime employment is no longer the norm. Only people with an invite have the chance to be a part of our alumni program.

Danilo Novaković

When I came to Vega IT I decided to be more open to people and to become a part of it like it is my own company. Vega IT accepted that approach and gave me the chance to turn my ideas into reality, and even push them much further I couldn’t even imagine. They say - how much you give is how much you get, but I got more and I would call it luck.

Ivan Gajić

I’ve had the privilege to join Vega IT at the very beginning of my professional career, and even then I could tell that Vega IT was a real gem. Over the years it felt amazingly to see how much Vega has grown and how much the company cares about its employees, their happiness and continuous improvement. Such professionalism, team work and positive energy that surround Vega IT are very hard to find at any other place.

To me, working at Vega IT was not a job - it felt like Vega IT was my second home and every one of my colleagues was more than just a colleague, they were my family.

Nemanja Janošev

During the studies I had the chance to get introduced to Vega IT and start with internship. I observed that as an opportunity for me to apply the knowledge gained from studies on real projects and to learn how things are functioning in practice. I was able to work and to finish my college at the same time. After graduation, I became a permanent employee and got the chance to improve myself as a software engineer. I have worked on a lot of different projects with different people who had technically stronger knowledge than me and who motivated and inspired me to improve myself. I also got the opportunity to meet our client in Ghent, Belgium and do my training there. Beside technical knowledge, one of the core values of Vega IT is friendship and working as a team. Lots of team buildings, dinners, sport activities, travels and gatherings in order to get to know each other better gave me positive energy and self-confidence at work.

Momčilo Popov

One amazing year! Sounds like a short period of time, but I actually met 12 inspiring colleagues (front-end department), heard 11 excellent internal lectures, participated in the development of 10 new websites, enjoyed 9 liters of coffee, had a 8 hours dose of excitement per day, read 7 new books, met 6 happy clients, spent 5 days skiing with colleagues, drank at 4 parties (non-alcoholic cocktails, mom), died 3 times (don't worry, it was paintball) and changed 2 awesome working spaces. Thanks Vega IT!

Srđan Đukić

Getting hired by VegaIT was my first wish when I finished my studies. The thing that drove me to that decision was a great website and responsive people. At the time I didn’t know that it will be the best choice that I made in my life, and that there is a lot more to it, than a fancy website :)

Working for Vega IT did not only improve my programming skills, it taught me a lot more, and plenty of valuable things, such as interacting with people, learning to understand them and to cooperate with them. Learning to be patient, strategic and thorough were the things that I never thought I would do. Being surrounded by people who not only value your knowledge, but they value you. And that “you” was the most important thing in my starting career. Surrounding yourself with people that know more, with people that had experienced more, with people that are always ready to help you, is probably the best combination that you can get while starting your career and thinking of it in the future.

The culture of Vega IT is outstanding, they always strive for perfection, and have fun while doing that. Workingat this kind of company is something that made me love what I do, and made me want to push my limits not only in programming but in human interaction as well. Harmony and friendliness of people inside Vega IT is beautiful.

Working together as a well oiled gear, making a better community.

Goran Ignjić

I sincerely enjoyed working and socializing with colleagues from Vega IT, including all of the following:

- working on projects, for more or less demanding clients :)
- internal lectures and meetups,
- hanging out during lunch or happy hour parties, with a myriad of calories that don’t want to let me be,
- discussions with extremely technically savvy colleagues,
- helping younger and eager-to-know colleagues who thought of me as a “senior”,
- going on business trips and enjoying the beauty of Ghent
- team-buildings. I simply can’t decide what was better, snow-covered Kopaonik or sunny Poreč,
- calls for consultations at the conference room :)
- a welcoming atmosphere that makes you forget that you are just doing your job,
- and of course, an atmosphere that is always positive, both at the office and on Skype.

Bojan Subašić

I had been familiar with Vega IT even back when I worked at other companies – I followed it on social networks and always wondered how some people enjoy spending time at their workplaces, which was not the case with my own. Generally speaking, I wanted to come and try to apply for a developer position. The period that I spent with colleagues at Vega IT was absolutely great.

What I loved the most was my office and the team in it, then HH lectures, parties, team building, going to the movie theater, summer vacations, conferences, socializing after work, lunch with colleagues, the fact that we were able to bring our significant others to all of these events. All of this is extremely rare in Serbia; together with the fact that I met a lot of people from the industry, that we exchanged knowledge and all of us learned even more. I don’t know if I forgot to mention anything.

Igor Dragutinović

Working at Vega IT has been a very positive experience for me.

I believe that, through working at Vega IT, I managed to advance in the professional field, both in dealing with new technologies and in better grasping of business processes.

The working conditions were excellent – premises, computers, the entire workspace.

Direct contact with clients was very common in my case, which increased the need for adaptation to changes and raising standards in order to meet all client requirements.

The colleagues are great, excellent in their work but also good people above all.

Miloš Lajić

Working at Vega IT had a great influence on my growth, in both professional and personal sense. As my first job, it offered me a perfect balance between being mentored by more experienced colleagues, and being given enough freedom and opportunities to prove myself and learn responsibility.

But, it’s not all just about work. What made every day interesting and enjoyable were the people, our daily foosball sessions, office shenanigans, or weekly Happy Hour events where we used to relax and discuss some often non-work related topics. The moments which I remember the most fondly, are our team building trips, where we got to hang out and learn more about each other, either through physical activities, or just lounging in the evening with some drinks and music. These are the things that make us understand each other, make us better team players and improve the overall mood in the office, for many weeks after we are back from the trip.

Nikola Babić

For me, Vega IT was far more than just another workplace. Over the period of one year I had a chance to meet and work alongside extraordinary people who kept pushing me forward and showed me the true meaning of teamwork. With every successful project, lecture, team building and party, people around me became more than just colleagues and with each day made me love my job even more. Until we meet again.

Tatjana Pejakov

I was lucky to work in Vega IT for almost 3 years, at the very beginning of their and my professional career. Although being a very small company at that time, they dreamed big and played hard. We grew together and that was a priceless experience. Working in Vega IT was not just work, that was a way of life. They were doing (and still do) impossible to make their employees happy and satisfied and to make their company a better place for all! Now I can say that they are living their dream. It was a pleasure to live their values and to be a member of such a great team!

Svetlana Tovarloža

During my 3 years of work at Vega IT, I was in touch with all colleagues every day, and what left the strongest impression on me were the openness and cordiality of people, good communication and the sense of belonging to a large family. I would particularly point out socializing on trips and events which involved children of all colleagues.

Borislav Lazendić

I came to Vega IT during my studies when I applied for an internship. They assigned me a project that was implemented in a language about which I did not know much. It was hard at the beginning but I learned a lot with my mentor and later I enjoyed every day of my internship at Vega. I was hoping that some day after my studies I would be back but actually, I stayed right after that internship for the next 3 years and had fun with all of my colleagues.

I learned how to work in a team, how to communicate with a client, how to meet the deadlines and how to organize my work on projects and so on. I couldn't ask for more and I didn't expect that I would work in a company like this, that would boost the first steps of my career in such a good way.

But it's not all about technical knowledge and programming skills. I had a lot more at Vega IT. I started with an internship and ended with a friendship.

Miroslav Marić

I can say that I was a lucky man being a part of Vega IT. For me, Vega IT means family, friends and a place where I learned a lot from great professionals, one of the best. It wasn't just a workplace, it was way much more than that. I am positive that I have made friends for life here.

For almost two years we worked together, grew together, drank beers together, trained together, went to team buildings , meetups, conferences together, and many, many more things!

Vega IT is a way of life, a good life. Thanks for everything, until we cross our paths again. ;)

Aleksandar Gajić

It was my true pleasure working at a company such as Vega IT and be a part of a team consisting of awesome coworkers with whom I collaborated on a daily basis. Thanks to my amazing mentor, Boban Mikšin, I had no hard time in achieving business success, improving myself and growing with the company.

Zoran Tovarloža

I had the privilege of working for Vega IT for nearly 8 years. To me, the most interesting period was the time when we were a small company of about 10 colleagues which felt like being in a family. Over the past few years, the company kept growing and thereby provided me the opportunity to meet new people with whom I traveled, learned and developed myself on a personal and business level. The thing that left the strongest impression on me was the fact that Vega IT helped me found my own company which I keep developing and expanding.

Nikola Gorjanac

Being a part of Vega IT was a great opportunity for me to grow as a developer.

It provided me with the ability to expand my knowledge in various fields of development, which was amazing for me as a “hungry” developer, and in addition to that I surrounded myself with a positive-minded crew for socializing, training, programming as well as partners for establishing my own company.

I am glad that I was (and still am) a part of this team.

Borislav Jekić

For almost four years that I have spent working at Vega I had a privilege to work on demanding project with the best team one can wish for. Influence of colleagues on my mindset, soft skills, technical knowledge and career path in general is immense! And, above all, every working day was true pleasure knowing that you are surrounded with kind and friendly people from whom you can always learn something. Thanks guys :-)

It was very nice experience to work for company which encourages people to improve themselves in various aspects of their lives and which put a lot of effort to bring positive attitude at work.

Borislav Subić

Vega IT is professional, healthy and happy working environment which I confirmed to myself when I've joined the awesome team. Working in Vega IT helped me give my best and become better in every professional aspect. There are people in Vega IT with dedication to work so strong that made me rethink my work ethics and change them for the better. My former colleagues are now my friends and I will never forget fun times we had working together. I am happy and glad that I took the opportunity to be a part of awesome Vega IT.

Vojislav Panković

To me, working at Vega IT has been a very valuable experience; primarily due to the fact that I learned and advanced so much during my time there, both in business and many other fields.

The projects I worked on were diverse and challenging so that I had to give my best at any given time. And this is the only way a person can grow.

The same principle was applicable on those two days a week when initially small and later a quite large group of enthusiasts used to get up a little earlier than usual and meet at the gym to prepare themselves for upcoming daily challenges in the best possible way. Through intense training, of course.

I met some very good friends among colleagues, with whom I stayed in touch and who I am always happy to see whenever I get the chance.

Nenad Ničevski

For three years I was a part of the Vega IT. For me, Vega IT is not just another company, it’s a second family. I spent many hours there with joy and happiness. I worked on demanding projects with highly skilled colleagues, found many good friends, learned numerous new things and how to work as a part of a great team, attended a large number of lectures, trainings, meetups and conferences. Not to forget those business trips to Switzerland and team building trips. I learned to ski thanks to Vega IT J .

I am really honored to have been a part of a company like Vega IT. The company that invests in their employees and makes everyone enjoy that warm feeling of a close family.

Nenad Maljugić

After I moved to Novi Sad, I immediately found a job in Vega IT. Although, at the time, I was the youngest in the company, my colleagues helped me a lot to adapt to the new working environment in no time. It didn’t take me long before I realised that I made the right choice. Everyone in the team was really helpful and supportive. I am amazed at the incredible kindness of all the people I have worked with. I have gained extensive knowledge and learned so many new skills which will undoubtedly help me in my future career. But, it’s not all about work! During the last two years I have met many wonderful people and made a lot of friends with whom I have spent amazing time, especially on team building events and training session in the gym. I even learned how to play foosball :) I can freely say that Vega IT has been my second family. I am truly grateful for this incredible experience and I have nothing but words of praise for Vega IT.

Nemanja Maločić

From an intern to an internship mentor. From a college student to a software developer. During the last six years I have grown on both professional and personal level. I have had a chance to work with amazing and creative engineers on a variety of inspiring and exciting projects. I have had lots of fun and laughs at parties and team building events with cool coworkers who have become my very good friends. Over the years I have had a great opportunity to attend internal lectures as well as international conferences and to give lectures on many knowledge-sharing events. I owe a debt of gratitude to Vega IT for shaping me into a software developer I am today. Cheers to 6 amazing years!

Ivan Nemeš

Where to start?! I worked at Vega IT for almost 7 years. I guess to some it might seem like a very long period, but not to me, because I enjoyed almost every minute of it. Sure, it was hard sometimes. However, no matter how complicated and demanding projects, tasks and clients can be (which is normal) I have always had the necessary support, a very healthy and inspiring environment and great co-workers by my side. This is not a common thing in today’s world and because of it, I’m super-grateful to Vega IT.

I had the opportunity to work together with some of the best developers and people in general, not just in Vega IT but also from other countries, which is a great experience. During that time, I learned a lot from others, I became a team leader and a developer I always wished to be. In the end, I had the pleasure to return the favor by teaching and passing knowledge to younger generations. I guess you can’t ask for more from your workplace, on both professional and personal level. It was a really exciting and a pleasant journey and I’m extremely proud of being a part of Vega IT story!

Vukašin Sadžak

It has been 8 years since I first came to Vega IT - I entered the company as an intern and now I am a senior developer. During those 8 years, I have accumulated and shared knowledge with a lot of enthusiastic and talented people. I have had the opportunity to work on many ambitious projects and have been lucky enough to have amazing bosses and team leads. Besides technical knowledge and experience I have gained over the years, I have also developed the very needed soft skills. Being a part of Vega IT community helped me become a true team player, which I think is essential if you want to advance in your career. Although now it is time to move on, Vega IT will always stay in my heart. Thanks, Vega IT :)

Siniša Kolarević

Working at Vega IT was an amazing experience for me. During my stay as Vega IT, I had a lot of opportunities to learn and grow, both as a developer and as a person. I also had a pleasure to meet very good, professional and educated people from many of whom have become my friends.

Saša Novaković

I had the privilege to join Vega IT when it only had 15 people. It has been a true pleasure and an amazing experience to see it grow and evolve into the organization of more than 150 people and be a part of the process.

Over the years, we have managed to keep all the positive energy, friendship, team spirit and family-like relations - the values that we have nourished from the very beginning.

Working in Vega influenced both my mindset and career path in general. Besides gaining technical knowledge and soft skills that helped me develop professionally, I also got a better insight into business processes and clients’ way of thinking.

Colleagues are awesome, friendly, kind and always willing to help. I have made friends with some of them and we will hopefully stay in touch for many years to come.

Dejan Ostojić

I spent 10 amazing years at Vega IT. As the first employee of Vega IT, I was able to improve my skills and grow together with the company through all those years.

My former colleagues are really something that Vega IT should be proud of. Also, I really liked the way Vega IT treats its employees because it invests much effort into nurturing relationships among colleagues and company culture in general.

Overall, team spirit is something that Vega IT brought to an impressive level. With such a great team culture, everything is easy. I’m so happy to have been a part of that team for such a long time.

Marko Jovanov

Going fast forward over the past three years, I couldn’t be more grateful for the time I spent in the company.

Learning, experiencing, and progressing on a daily basis was something that I can attach to my overall experience. As a software developer, what more could I ask for?

I can say that Vega IT has had a strong influence on my working habits, and I like who I have become.

I can’t single out any particular person who taught me and was there for me when I needed help, simply because I could count on everyone. And, this is what this company values the most.

Once again, thank you! It was a blast.

Mladen Bukejlović

Working for Vega IT was a very pleasant experience for me.

Since I love my profession, I didn't feel like I was going to a boring job, but rather like doing something interesting and meaningful.

But, being surrounded by great and cheerful people, who were always willing to help, made my job even fun.

Whenever I spoke about my colleagues I felt proud to be a part of that team.

After all, I am grateful I was given the opportunity to experience all that and I could only wish for such colleagues at some of my future jobs.

Marija Vučetić

I found out about Vega IT from Nevena who was first my friend, and then my mentor and colleague.

The feeling I felt when I was first introduced to the Vega IT culture has remained the same over the years spent in this company. I can freely say that during my career in Vega IT, I felt wonderful because I knew I was working with my friends. Team spirit, the dedication towards the same goal and the atmosphere that nurtures true values are the things that describe Vega IT most precisely.

It is a company that encourages learning, independence, responsibility, and trust, and I developed both professionally and personally in accordance with those values. In Vega IT, I got the opportunity to advance in my career, which made me happy.

I am very glad to have spent a part of my life working in this company, and I am looking forward to every future encounter with Vega IT.

Ivan Kockarević

I remember that young fellow that came to Vega IT years ago, searching for knowledge and experience, which he certainly found in amazing people that surrounded him from that point on!

I've really learned a lot - from core programming skills and software architecture, to team, project and even stress management. Vega IT enabled me to build a solid foundation for my future endeavors.

It has been an honour to work with some of the people I met there and I can definitely say that it was an awesome chapter of my life!

Velibor Stančić

For me working at Vega IT was more than a regular job from nine to five. I can proudly say that I worked for one of the best IT companies in Serbia (and beyond for sure). I developed my professional and personal skills while working on interesting projects with great leaders and the best colleagues. I enjoyed being a part of a dynamic working environment where I had an opportunity to acquire and share knowledge. I must say that the vast majority of the colleagues I have worked with are now my friends, and I personally think that this is the most valuable thing that happened to me while being part of Vega IT company. Thank you, Vega, for everything!

Bojan Bosanac

I was lucky enough to start my career at Vega IT while it was still a 'young company', hence I have grown along with it. It is a stimulating workplace with many opportunities to grow and gain broad industry knowledge while meeting amazing people.

It is impossible to explain all the small things that add up to a wonderful Vega IT experience to someone who has never worked here.

Vega IT, you have been such a big part of my life! I am sure that we will stay in touch as I have made so many friends for life here! Thanks for everything and cheers to new victories!

Valer Varga

I had a pleasure to be an intern at Vega IT. Right after I finished my internship I knew that I wanted to work there. Thanks to this company, I have built strong bonds, long-lasting friendships, and, more importantly, unforgettable memories.

Along the way, I have learned a lot about soft-skills and improved my developer mindset. All-in-all, it was a pleasant journey and I am honoured to have had a chance to be a part of this awesome community.

Marinko Spasojević

I have been working In Vega IT for almost 4 godine, and the least I can say is that this was an incredible experience for me. In Vega IT, I have learned many things, from technical knowledge to building relationships with people and the ways how to treat employees.

A working environment is a really important factor in building a great company culture, and Vega IT sets a perfect example when it comes to successfully building a fantastic working environment. Colleagues are always pleasant, ready to help, make jokes and make you feel good and motivated to work.

What’s very important is that you can always talk with the owners and your supervisors without much difficulty or bureaucracy. One Skype message has always been enough to get the right information and this is one of the things I appreciate the most.

Many social gatherings, team-buildings, various socially-responsible activities, training and internal lectures only added to the value and made me feel better and more comfortable in the company.

I have made many friends and acquaintances and this means a lot to me as a person and an employee.

This is why I can only say one big THANK YOU to the people from Vega IT, because they helped me develop myself professionally and become what I am today.

I will always recommend you to anyone because you are one big silver lining in this industry.

Keep up the good work.

Jovica Zarić

I came to Vega IT as an intern at the very end of my Bachelor's studies. The first impressions of the company were great so I secretly wished to become a part of it from the day one. My wishes came true after a few months and my professional career started right here on Vega IT.

I have spent 4 years at Vega IT continuously learning new technologies, as well as the ways how to approach problem solving and daily communication with clients. My professional and personal skills improved on a daily basis.

Having worked with a few teams, I learned to work in different technologies and therefore learned how to be flexible and rapidly adapt to new working conditions. I would also like to point out that I have had a privilege to work in two a well-equipped workspace with extraordinary working conditions and take part in various team building and knowledge sharing events.

All this would not have been possible without the dedicated management of the company and the employees themselves.

I made a lot of friends and experienced wonderful moments at the company. Thank you Vega IT for this great time, for making me a better developer and a better man.

Ivana Tešanović

When I first entered Vega IT’s space, I thought to myself: This is not what I’ve imagined an IT company would look like”. I was studying for my Master’s Degree at the time and I was happy enough to even be accepted as an intern. For me, it was a whole new level and I had no idea that I was just at the beginning of the game.

I have spent the last three and a half years working at Vega IT, and all I can say is that it has exceeded all of my expectations regarding not only the company but also the people in it. Not to mention the huge amount of coffee I have consumed along the way.

Saying that I had a chance to work with amazing people would be a cliché. to. So I will say that I have worked with a bunch of intelligent, inspiring, committed and caring people. Sounds about right, don't you think?

I made lifelong relationships. I talked freely about my dreams and my insecurities. I have been provided with opportunities to use my knowledge and my abilities to help Vega IT in making the world a better place. All those things helped me grow emotionally.

I was surrounded by the experts in their fields and I was lucky enough to have been given a chance to learn from them. I visited various conferences and gave lectures at some of them, which helped me expand my technical knowledge and grow my self-esteem.

Now when I look back, I remember writing an article at the beginning of my career at Vega IT. It went like this: "I have never dreamed about what I want to do when I grow up. What I dreamed about is how I want to feel while doing my job."

Well, I can proudly say that I fulfilled the dream of the 23-year-old Ivana because I felt a strong sense of community while being in this company. Thank you, Vega IT, for everything.

Dragan Ilić

Being a part of Vega IT was an incredible experience for me and I am very grateful for it.

Vega IT’s happy and healthy community felt like a second home to me.

I have gained a lot of knowledge in the industry during these few years. On top of all the technical experience, I am even more grateful for being able to meet a lot of wonderful colleagues, especially the ones in offices "Moon" and "Sycorax" :)

Milan Deket

Ever since I first entered Vega IT Sourcing, I knew I wanted to be a part of its great community. It was back in my student days when I knew I made the right decision.

From day one, I met great developers, extraordinary people, and made many friends. I received great support from my team and the company and was encouraged to pitch new project ideas to the core management as well. This support means a lot to young developers who are just starting their journey.

Vega IT was there to show me that I can present my knowledge in a room full of IT professionals, which gave me a green light to share my experience on webinars all over the Balkan region.

But the thing I am most grateful for is the opportunity to develop professionally on a daily basis. For the past three years, I have gained enormous and invaluable experience and knowledge which I believe will help me much in my future career. Thank you Vega IT for helping me become who I am today!

Branko Gvozdenović

During my studies, I dreamed of working for Vega It. And guess what - hard work pays off and dreams do come true!

I have been working at Vega for almost 3 years and I am pleased to have been a part of it.

I have learned a lot - I started as a junior software developer and grown into an experienced software engineer leading the project.

Besides professional skills, I developed 'soft skills' and learned how to communicate with clients. Nothing of that would be possible without great people in Vega IT who supported me along the way. To me, they are the 'core value' of the company.

All of them are kind and friendly, ready to share knowledge, and join me for a beer after work :)

I made a lot of friends here, and I want to say “Thank you all', because for me Vega IT was not just a job - it was (and still is) more like a family :)

Petar Petković

Back in the time when I joined the company, a few friends of mine had already been working for Vega IT. They were highly satisfied with their jobs, which encouraged me to become a part of such a great organisation. From today's perspective that was an awesome decision.

Several years and a lot of projects later I have advanced in many aspects, both in tech and soft skills. One of the Vega IT’s mottos is that “learning never stops” which will stay engraved in my mind.

At Vega IT, everyone's opinion matters. Kind and inspiring people are everywhere, and the organisation is wisely steered across vast, but sometimes unpredictable, ocean of software development business. With all its potential the company will surely go far on that journey, guided by one of the brightest stars.

Miroljub Enjaković

Five years ago I came to Vega as an aspiring developer. Now, I am leaving as an accomplished one.

I feel Vega did for me what a gardener does for a flower - gives it room to grow, a sun to inspire it, and a loving and caring environment to support it in its growth.

There are too many people I'm grateful to for everything they have done for me and how they made me feel during my time here.

Thank you Vega IT for this amazing experience! Until we meet again - keep shooting for the stars!

Milica Kapetina

During 2.5 years at Vega IT, I have worked on various interesting projects where I learned many different technologies. Every project was a unique challenge and it was never boring. I worked with many foreign clients and besides learning technologies I also learned soft skills and how important good communication with clients is. Also, working in great teams with amazing colleagues really helped me conquer challenges along the way and made all the work fun.

Stevan Kapičić

Working at Vega IT was a new and challenging chapter in my life.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to work in this company, so giving my best every day was something I enjoyed doing.

Being surrounded with passionate, intelligent and hard-working people is something that brings out the best in all of us.

The energy and harmony which this company sparks is definitely something amazing and I am very happy to say that I was a part of it.

I will always look at the experience I gained and beautiful moments I had while working in this company with joy.

Tamara Mitrić

I moved to Novi Sad when I got the job at Vega IT. My first day at the company was my first day in a new city and the first time being so away from almost everyone I knew. And I never looked back once.

Every day at Vega IT was filled with new, exciting possibilities. I’ve learned a lot, became a better developer and a better person. I also made a few really good friends along the way.

I’ll remember these two years I spent at Vega IT by the great people that make the company what it is - a friendly and amazing place to work in.

It’s a privilege to be a part of this community. If I could do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Luka Klačar

I've been at Vega IT for the past 5 years. Those were probably the most exciting and enjoyable years of my life.

I joined Vega IT during my studies. At that time, I was the youngest employee there. Vega IT enabled me to grow not only as a developer but as a person as well.

I've learned a lot - ew technologies, development approaches, best practices, as well as a lot of things that cannot be learned from books. Each day was an enjoyable experience filled with new challenges.

I'll always remember Vega IT as a place where I had an opportunity not just to learn and work in an enjoyable working environment, but also to make friends for life.

I'm happy to have been a part of Vega IT. I will not remember it as a company, but as a friend that believed in me.

Igor Gajić

I have worked for Vega IT for the last 11 years, which is an eternity in the IT world. In this timeframe I have seen Vega IT grow from a prospective startup working in a small flat to a large company with offices in many cities in Serbia. In parallel with Vega IT’s growth, I've grown as well from a medior developer to a Technical Lead which allowed me to work on large projects.

During this great journey I've worked with so many wonderful colleagues, past and present, as well as with multiple clients on big projects. But I have to single out George de Bouter from whom I have learned so many tricks of great project management.

It was difficult to make this decision, but we cannot grow if we do not change. I am looking forward to new challenges ahead.

Kim Novak

I applied for a job at Vega IT because I was looking for a company that takes good care of their employees and after our journey together I can say I wasn't wrong!

What I love about Vega IT is the amount of trust they gave me and how much they invested in my personal development. What I love even more is that I am not the only example and that this is a standard here.

So many knowledge-sharing events, pair and mob programming sessions, amazing colleagues with a lot of understanding who gave me support and from whom I've learned a lot are the memories from Vega IT I will carry in my heart. I just want to say THANK YOU VEGA IT FOR EVERYTHING!

Neven Milakara

It's been more than 8 years since I joined Vega IT. What awesome and inspiring years to remember and be proud of.

Whenever I experienced some challenging moments in both my personal and professional life Vega IT supported me along the way. It gave me an opportunity to grow my career by working with and learning from the best professionals out there in various technologies and on challenging projects.

The greatest value and the power of Vega IT t are the great colleagues and friends I have made throughout all these years. I had a pleasure to have fun with them as well as to share some amazing, unforgettable and emotional moments and build some great products.
Thank you all for being such good friends.

Continue being awesome and inspiring while giving your best to make the world a better place.

Miloš Sečanski

When I came to Vega IT, I felt anxious because I was not sure if I would be able to overcome all of the challenges I would come across on a daily basis. But there was no need for that, because I soon realised how organised and dedicated the company was to its employees (to the tiniest bits).

I spent 3.5 amazing years, made some great friends and enjoyed working with my colleagues and clients. I left the company as a better person and a better developer, thanks to Vega IT.

Kristina Ostojić

For me, Vega IT is like my living room - it feels like home and has made me feel pleasant and secure while being surrounded by so many kind people, some of whom have become my friends for life.

I have grown professionally, had a chance to cooperate with amazing colleagues and clients on interesting projects, and spent unforgettable 8 years in this amazing atmosphere. The career path I took in Vega IT was an unforgettable adventure, and now, at the end of this journey, we will all stay connected through our Alumni club. I’m looking forward to our future gatherings and many Vega IT’s successes in the years to come!

Cvetko Stević

Every beginning is hard. Vega IT is the first company where I had the privilege to work in and which gave me a chance to invest in myself so that, at some point, I could live up to their expectations and earn their trust.

People I work with daily made the beginning of my career less painful. They made me feel I was a part of the team much longer than I really had been. I am eternally grateful for this given opportunity and I hope that, after spending so many days collaborating with these amazing people, I have managed to show I am worthy of the trust they have given me from the day one.

Thank you Vega IT from the bottom of my heart.

Nikola Živković

I've spent five awesome years at Vega IT. This company provided me with a playground in which I could experiment and grow.

Apart from getting better at my technical skills, I had a chance to develop in other areas of my life, and this was recognized and appreciated by the company.
I had a chance to speak at the internal Star conferences three times, thus kick-starting my speaker career.

My blogs were first published at the Vega IT blog, which helped me realise that I want to share my knowledge in different ways.

Also, I had a chance to be involved in multiple charity events and activities like Code for Cause hackathons. This is a great way to give back to the community by using your technical skills for a great cause.

At Vega IT, I learned how to lead teams by attending multiple soft skills workshops, which really helped me develop my leadership and soft skills.
As I mentioned, this was recognised by the company, so I had an honour to be MVP of the company three times.

Sebastian Novak

Applying for a job at Vega IT was one of the best decisions of my life. I've started experiencing growth in both technical and non-technical fields right off the bat. The process of learning started at the very first technical interview I had with Saša, since the Vega IT interview process includes feedback for the candidate, making the whole interview process much more pleasant and valuable for the candidates.

The company has true, world-class professionals who excel in their commitment to work, motivate, and lead others by their example. Working closely with Vladan, Saša and Maja, I've had a firsthand experience of how true professionals handle themselves and work at the highest level of professionalism. I’m grateful for all the time and effort Vega IT has invested in my growth. My heart goes out to my closest team members, Tanja and Mirko, the fun we had, and the work we did, was out of this world! I'm going to be there for you guys anytime you need me!

And lastly, I've always wanted to work as a SysAdmin, alongside the hard-working guys from the Vega IT Admin team. Thank you guys for the open door, someday we might share the same office.

Cheers to everyone and see you at the next STARS conference!

Olja Miljatović

I'm grateful for the opportunity to start my career in Vega IT. I've learnt so much here and made many friends. For me, Vega IT represents something special, and it's a place I'll always come back to.

If I had to pick again, I would choose once more to begin my professional career right here! Cheers!

Boris Popratnjak

When I look back at the time when I joined the company and now, I can see a big difference on both personal and professional level.

On a personal level, while working here, I got married and had two wonderful children. So, as the company grew in numbers, my family and I grew with it :)

On a professional level, I could say that my level of knowledge when I joined the company was about 1% of what I know now, and that I have learned so much while working here at Vega IT. I also met a lot of new colleagues throughout the years, and several of them have become my close and dear friends.

I am very grateful for being given the opportunity to work at Vega IT, and for the professional environment the company provides, together with the sense of security and inclusion you feel while working here. It has helped me grow immensely in every aspect, and I will never forget that.

I wish all the best to Vega IT, and I look forward to some moment in the future when our roads will cross once again!

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