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Internship for Software Developers

What crosses your mind when you hear "cookies"?

If the first thing that comes to your mind is the web, then you are on the right track. If it isn't, don't worry, we at Vega IT love baked cookies as well.

What should you know before applying?

The internship is an essential part of a developer's career. It is an excellent opportunity to enter the IT world, a very dynamic place where learning never stops. In this process, interns are allowed to engage and participate in industry-like projects, acquiring experience they usually don’t have a chance to gain at college.

Companies that offer such internship programs have standards and expectations from students who engage in the practice. And, Vega IT is one of them.
Our primary field is web development, where our software developers mainly craft scalable, maintainable, and well-designed APIs or powerful JavaScript client-side applications.

Here is the list of things that Vega IT expects from every person who applies for the internship:

  • Strong knowledge of object-oriented programming paradigm, including fundamental concepts such as abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism;
  • Good knowledge of some more advanced topics like access modifiers, operator overloading, and collections;
  • Basic conceptual knowledge of how the web works (browser, web server, DNS, etc.);
  • Good knowledge of one of the web frameworks (ASP.NET, Spring Boot, Laravel, Django or Express);
  • Git source control;
  • Good knowledge of JavaScript and willingness to learn React, Vue, or Angular (if you already know one of them, it is a big plus);
  • Basics of HTML, CSS, and JSON;
  • Concepts of relational databases and basic knowledge of SQL, which includes writing select, insert, update and delete queries;
  • Proficiency in spoken and written English

Open-mindedness and people skills are something that we value. Therefore candidates with these characteristics have better chances to work with us.

Thank you!

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Our Vision and mission

“It is our dream to create a happy and successful business, allowing us to use its success and power to make the world a better place”

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If you believe in what we believe in and you feel eager to learn, work and further develop yourself, apply for this job by sending us your CV in English electronically at and join the Vega IT team.