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Learn about how our clients with the help of Vega IT managed to build stronger relationships with their customers and change the way they do business.

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Case Study: Doctor care anywhere

A web platform for booking appointments with doctors, having online consultations, keeping the patient records available 24/7. The new platform supports heavy loads, allows easy maintenance and is extensible.

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Case Study: Track & Trace Unified Platform

With a dedicated team and in a few phases we came up with solutions for a dynamic language that describes the domain model where end users can adjust it without any development effort. Also, we managed to ensure a secure and transport agnostic communication middleware based on the DDS standard and independent components that can be individually distributed. 

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Case Study: Companion App

Our client needed mobile applications for Android and iOS mobile platforms that will help users reduce stress and anxiety through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) principles. By utilising strategic thinking and offering our suggestions, we were able to build compact applications with more functionalities than originally planned. Users are now able to find the necessary instructions, exercises and advice significantly faster.

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Industries HealthTech

Case Study: Rethink project | Hyperion-X

Rethink is a digital platform for connecting insurance companies and insurance brokers.

This platform is a part of the Hyperion-X Group, which the Howen group recently acquired.

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Case Study: TeachFirst

As a social enterprise, Teach First is a charity organization which addresses educational disadvantages in the United Kingdom.The client’s organization has appointed more than 10,000 teachers in low-income areas, supporting more than one million disprivileged children.

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Case Study: Braintoss

The client contacted Vega IT to improve their existing application. After detecting and fixing the application issue, we continued to improve the original code and created a new extension for Apple Watch.

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Case Study: Argus Data Insights

The client is a company that processes data collected from the media and finds insights within that data. Our goal was to use Natural Language Processing (NLP) backend services to improve solution performance and accuracy. Find out more.

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Industries Media
Services Data Science

Case Study - Salesforce Marketing Cloud - Hair Assessment Questionnaire

Recently, Vega IT was contacted by a client from the healthcare industry to help them implement a hair assessment questionnaire through Salesforce marketing cloud. Find out more.

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Case Study: Viantro

The client contacted Vega IT to improve the existing internal application, which their employees use daily. The improved application needed to be more intuitive, reliable and to enable easy navigation and filtration through the large database of their clients

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Case Study: SMS PLC

As the first and the only certified Umbraco CMS Partner in Eastern Europe, we are successfully building and maintaining Umbraco powered websites on the .NET platform for numerous companies.

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Vladan Ostojic

I co-founded Vega IT 14 years ago with my university roommate Saša Popović. We shared a dream to do incredible work that makes us - and our clients - happy. We now have more than 750 engineers who share our passion and bring deep expertise to every project – and we’re ready to tackle whatever project you’ve got for us. Send me an email to start the conversation: vladan.ostojic@vegait.rs.

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